Crest Center & Basilica Wedding Photos – Jenna and Eddie

On Friday, I (Nick) went down to the Tavern and spent the evening with Jenna, Eddie and they’re families for the rehearsal dinner. There was so much emotion that night I knew that the wedding was going to be something special. Friday had everyone in tears and there hadn’t been any vows spoken. Saturday didn’t disappoint. There was a ton of emotion all day, starting first at the Basilica in Asheville and then heading to the Crest Center up the mountain, and it provided for one of the most emotionally charged weddings that I’ve done. Once the ceremony was over you could almost feel the atmosphere lighten and everyone get ready to party. I jokingly asked Eddie what was in store and he said, “Are you kidding? It’s full of Germans and Puerto Ricans. This is going to be quite a party.” He wasn’t joking. The dance floor was full from the time they finished cutting the cake till the Crest Center made everyone leave. The Crest Center also provided some of the best light that I’ve had for a reception. The giant glass doors face west and allow all kinds of beautiful light to come in. After the sun sets they have lots of warm light to set the mood. Jenna and Eddie also had lots of cool little details that put the icing on the cake for me – the best of which (I thought) was the flowers from The Bloom Room in Asheville. I see so many flowers that I’m rarely impressed by them. This was impressive. I’ve never seen a head table this cool. Make sure you check out the hanging ivy arrangement above the table.
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