Lori & Brian’s Wedding PhotosThe Farm: A Gathering Place - Candler, NC


Spring has sprung! All the daffodils are up and the trees are full of buds. The sun was out for Lori and Brian’s wedding and for the first time this year we could stay outside in short sleeves all day. You could even smell spring. The horses were restless and the donkey even voiced his approval during the ceremony :)

Brian has a job that takes him all over the globe quite often, but the two of them call DC home. Just like so many others, they fell in love with the mountains and decided to have all their friends and family meet in Asheville for their wedding. The way the Farm is laid out, it is the perfect setting for those people looking for a country wedding, but without the barn. They have really nice cabins too for people to stay in and get ready in before the wedding. Their families and friends were a blast to hang out with as well – tons of celebrating, dancing and laughing :)

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