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      Find 1,000s of photos, information, and tips for hundreds of venues where we’ve photographed weddings.

      ABOUT US

      Blue Bend Photography is a small group of wedding photographers based in Asheville, NC. We photograph weddings all over Western North Carolina, the Carolina’s and the US Southeast.

      All of us are very outdoorsy people and love photographing outdoor weddings. Whether it’s hiking to find the most amazing elopement spot around Asheville, braving the rain to take outdoor wedding photos, or trekking up and over mountains to find a field of red blueberry bushes for perfect mountain engagement photos, we’re up for it.

      Asheville is home to all us of now, but before moving to North Carolina to photograph weddings in the mountains, Nick and Maddy lived in Alaska and near the Alps in Germany before that. Colby moved here from Vermont, and Kevin moved to here to be in the mountains as well.

      Wedding photography is also not a hobby. All of us have years of experience, working full time as wedding photographers. Nick has photographed over 550 weddings, Maddy more than 200, and Kevin and Colby both have shot over 100. During that time we have all experienced almost every scenario with weather, lighting and surprises. We have also worked at almost every Asheville wedding venue, as well as all the venues in Western NC. Our Venue page has many of the local wedding venues listed, with many photos from past sessions.

      We look forward to chatting with you, getting to know you, and hearing about your wedding plans. As a part of our service, we gladly help our clients with their wedding planning as well. Please call or email us with any questions at all.

      Have a wonderful day! – Nick, Maddy, Kevin and Colby


      Wedding Packages
      Engagements & Bridals
      Family Sessions
      When does the Photographer come and leave?

      This all depends on how much you need or want photographed. We offer packages for all amounts of time. Whether you need us there for 2 hours or 14 hours, you can build a package that fits your day.

      During our initial phone call, we'll listen to your plans and ideas for how the day will go, then based on your ideas, help you build a rough timeline of the day. Nothing will be set in stone, but that will give you a rough idea of when things will happen. Based on that, you can fairly easily figure out the amount of time you'd need a photographer.

      The Pricing

      5 hour package - $1600
      7 hour package - $2500
      10 hour package - $3300
      12 hour package - $5000

      If you need something between those amounts of time you can add hours on, ie: 5hr package + 1 additional hour.

      Check out our ··pricing page·· for all the details.

      What's included in the packages?

      We offer 5, 7, 10, and 12 hour packages. All of them come with high resolution digital copies of the photos, the rights to the photos, and travel within 2 hours of Asheville.

      Beyond that, they all come with some prints, an online gallery, and a discount on an album (if bought when you book). Also, as you go up in package, the price of the 'add-ons' also comes down.

      Please see our ··pricing page·· for a detailed list of everything included with each wedding photography package.

      How many photos will we receive?

      We never limit the amount of photos that we deliver to our clients. When we go through the photos from the wedding, we remove any photos that you definitely wouldn't want - grandma putting food in her mouth, eyes closed, etc.

      Giving you every single photo we take would just be cruel and overwhelming, but we also know that you may prefer your smile in one photo over another. So, most clients end up with about 100 - 125 photos per hour that we're shooting. That means, if we're there for 10 hours, the client would get about 1000 - 1300 photos.

      That can seem like a large number of photos, but we also sort the photos into folders to make it easier to view: Ceremony, Family Photos, Cocktail Hour, etc. Once they are sorted like that, it becomes a very enjoyable experience viewing the photos. Beyond that, when you're looking at them, you can favorite photos, and the webpage creates a new gallery with just your favorites.

      Is the Date Available? How do we book?

      You can always call us at 828.505.6066. Nick is in the office M-F, 8-6 (usually) and would be happy to chat with you. You can also send us a message with your date and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

      ·· Click here to check on your date ··

      If you happen to contact us after 6pm, we'll get back to you the next morning. Also, weekends we usually have weddings, so emails after Friday evening, might not be answered till Monday morning. Thanks for your understanding!

      Do we do Elopements?

      Heck yeah we do elopements! :)

      Where will we travel?

      Pretty much anywhere that you can imagine. We have done elopements at the Biltmore Estate, the Courthouse, at the end of a 2 hour hike, on a glacier via helicopter ride, in the backyard of a house, and many more. If the two of you, an 'officiant,' a witness, and a photographer can get there... we're game!

      Who can marry us?

      There are quite a few official folks in Asheville that you can pay to marry you, but you also have the option of bringing someone with you. It's a really easy process to get ordained online (took me about 30 seconds to do it), and once they're ordained they can legally marry you.

      Here's an example of a couple with their best friend.

      Are there Photography Packages?

      Sure are!

      1 hour - $500
      2 hours - $850
      3 hours - $1200

      Check out our pricing page for more details.

      How do we book?

      You can always call us at 828.505.6066. Nick is in the office M-F, 8-6 (usually) and would be happy to chat with you. You can also send us a message with your date and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

      If you happen to contact us after 6pm, we'll get back to you the next morning. Also, weekends we usually have weddings, so emails after Friday evening, might not be answered till Monday morning. Thanks for your understanding!

      What is an "Engagement Session"?

      You don't have to be engaged to do an engagement session!

      Getting engaged is just the START of your relationship. Do you really want to be 70 and look back and only have iPhone photos of the previous 45 years of your life?

      Whether you're going to be at the Grove Park for the weekend, renting a house for a vacation, or you're just coming for a day hike (and a post hike beer)... give us a ring or email and we'll join you for an hour.

      Why do a Bridal Session?

      What is a Bridal Session and why would I do that?

      Relying on the wedding day for a formal photo of you wearing your wedding dress can be a gamble. Besides the time constraints of the actual wedding day, there are also other things that no one can control. It might be 1,000 degrees on your wedding day and your makeup melts. It might rain, and your hair and dress get wet. It might be 1000% humid and your hair goes bananas.

      If you'd like to ensure that you get a photo of you in your dress with perfect hair, makeup, and weather, a Bridal Session is the way to go.

      Why do an Engagement Session?

      Why? Because selfies don't count as photos of the two of you :)

      But seriously, I'm sure Maddy and I aren't the only couple to only have photos of the two of us when a photographer comes to visit. Your grandkids will be curious what you looked like before you were too old to work a modern phone and enjoy current music.

      If you're going to be in Western NC (or you want us to come to you), and you'd like some photos of you and your honey, let us know! We know tons of good spots.

      When do I do the Bridal Session?

      Most of the time the dress is the deciding factor. Usually, after it takes months for the dress to come in after being ordered, it has to be altered, and then sometimes altered again.

      So, usually, we schedule something once you know when you'll have your dress. The light is always best in the late afternoon, so doing the session mid-week is not a problem.

      What is a Family Session?

      You have kids? So do I! You don't have a camera that can take pictures of things moving at close to the speed of light? No problem! I do! :)

      Family Sessions are generally between 45 minutes and an hour and fifteen minutes long. I find that an hour is about the amount of time that kids can handle before completely losing it (sometimes that's true for husbands too).

      After years of photographing my three boys, other people's kids, and working as an elementary school teacher, I have developed a routine that gets all the different kinds of photos you'd like: formal portraits of everyone looking in the camera, kids playing with parents, kids playing with each other, parents alone in photos (while kids run around for a minute), and then photos of everyone playing with each other.

      I find that breaking the session up into a bunch of small parts makes it fun and doable for everyone.

      Where will you go for the photos?

      Just like any of our sessions, included in the price of the session is travel within an hour of Asheville, but we're happy to travel almost anywhere.

      Just give us a call or email and we'll work out the details.

      Do I have to pay extra for the photos?

      No. As with all of our sessions, the rights to the photos are yours. In my opinion, the whole point of getting photos done, is to have them for generations to come. The digital file is a much safer (long term) photo than a paper print.

      Paper prints are awesome, and the whole reason we do this, but they fade over time, get lost, get ripped, etc. How awesome would it be right now to have digital copies of the photos your great grandparents took 100 years ago, instead of the wrinkled and faded prints we have today?

      How much is it, and how do I book a session?

      Check out our pricing page for more details and our contact form.