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About Us

Professional Team for Wedding & Event

For the main event of your life, it is important to find a team of likeminded people who are not only true professionals, but also able to share this happy day

Our Team

These people will make you remember your day forever

About 1

Nancy Collins​

Will capturing your life’s fleeting moments and turn them into timeless stories

About 3

Michelle Banks

With a keen eye for detail, your photos would become cherished memories

About 5

Dorothy Elliot

Master of emotions, weaving light and laughter into photographs that sing with joy

The Story
Of Emmie's Wedding

A beautiful couple who went through many challenges but managed to find true love and happiness in their lives

About 7

“You don’t marry the person you can live with – you marry the person you can’t live without”

About 9
About 11

Start Planning Your Wedding Today

The key to a perfect wedding is careful planning. Start it today!

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The stories

Dive into their journeys, from how they met to the “yes!” moment, and witness the magic of their special day unfold through beautiful photos and their own words

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