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On Monday I had the pleasure to go out to North Asheville and do a family shoot with the Zuckerman family. Susan’s brother, sister and Mom all came into town with their families and it was a great opportunity for everyone to get some pictures taken. Even though it was very hot outside, all the kids endured the heat and were great and fun to work with. we started out in their beautiful backyard and took some more traditional photos and we ended the session with candids. What a great family. Thanks for having me.



Isaiah is the son of our CPA, Bret and Jen. He recently turned 21 months and Jen asked us to do a couple photos real quick. I happened to take my camera to the office today and he showed up. I think they turned out pretty cute. He is a total cutie and super easy to photographIcon_Smile-13Asheville-Baby-Photo-2Asheville-Baby-Photo-3