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Brown Mountain Beach Resort Wedding | Wedding Photographers in Asheville, NC, North Carolina

I get to go to a lot of really beautiful venues as a wedding photographer. This one, though, was exceptional. Brown Mountain Beach Resort is in Collettsville, NC (about 1 1/2 hours from Asheville). It’s tucked in a tight little valley with a beautiful river running down behind it. There is a waterfall just up the road and tons of hiking trails. At the resort they have all kinds of family games, as well as tubing and swimming.

Brendan and I arrived early to get a lay of the land and both immediately regretted not bringing bathing suits. This wedding had a rope swing into a river! I was supremely jealous as I sat and watched in my dress clothes.

Laurie and Jacob made the trip from the other side of North Carolina with their closest friends and family and made a week vacation out of it. Brown Mountain Beach Resort is the perfect location to relax and enjoy company for a week. The wedding itself, had the same type of feel: very personal, intimate and full of love. Both the couple’s dads had a big part in the ceremony, Jacob’s mom did all the flowers, and lots of family members sang and did readings during the wedding as well.

Enjoy the photos of this beautiful couple crazy in love. 🙂

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