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Cassie & Julia's Wedding Photos – Pine Hollow House – Fairview, NC – Blue Bend Photography

I’m struggling for what to say here; everything I type seems cliche and cheesy (lots of things like “amazing day,” “incredible wedding,” etc). So here are the facts: two beautiful women came up from Florida to get married. They rented a house on a lake in the mountains and 100 of their friends and family came from around the US to see them say their vows to each other and then celebrate their marriage.

Ok 🙂 There are the facts. Here’s the rest (all the cheesy bits). Cassie (the taller one) is an incredible photographer and both she and Julia are super creative people. They designed and made every detail for the wedding themselves and went to great lengths that every aspect of the day reflected their personalities.  They are both also incredibly thoughtful people. One quick example: every single aspect of the entire wedding as ‘green’ – everything from the decorations, the plates, the alcohol… everything was ‘green.’ I am honored to have been a part of this day and to have met all these people. 🙂 This wedding will be featured in an upcoming magazine. Watch for it to hit shelves in the fall – wherever you live in the US.