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Homewood & UNCA Gardens – Engagement Photos – Kari & Mark – Blue Bend Photography


Another super cute couple! Kari and Mark are both professional musicians in Charlotte. Kari actually plays for the symphony and Mark composes music and teaches at the university. It’s always really humbling to me to meet people that are so good at something that I’m so terrible at 🙂

We met at the UNCA Botanical Gardens, did some shots there and then headed up the hill to Homewood (where they’re having their wedding next year) and did some more there. The day started off with pouring rain and we almost canceled. It ended up being one of the nicest fall days you could ask for. Their little Frida made the trip out with them from Charlotte and made a few cameos in the photos as well!

The last shot was a request from Kari and the story behind it warms my heart. When Mark proposed he searched high and low for rings with foxes on them. Kari is a huge fan of foxes (hence the fox on her skirt) and he incorporated that into the proposal. Each ring symbolized a different reason that he wanted to marry her. The one in the middle – the solid band – is the ring that she wears on her ring finger though. I’m continually amazed at how creative people get when they’re in love.