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Homewood Wedding Photos – Kari & Mark | Wedding Photographers in Asheville, NC, North Carolina


This Saturday Kari and Mark got married at Homewood in Asheville. I (Nick) had done their engagements a couple of months ago and got to know both of them pretty well. The three of us got along awesome and within minutes of meeting them I knew that the wedding would be a really, really fun one. I was right. Both the two of them and all their guests were tons of fun and really easy to work with. What made it even better for the photos was at the last minute both Colby and Philip came into town to hang out and asked to come along. I know that not many people believe us, but we really, really like shooting weddings. So when one of us is shooting and the other isn’t doing anything, we often will tag along just to hang out and shoot. So, they got three photographers and tons of great photos. Kari and Mark are yet another couple that I wish lived closer so we could hang out. Awesome people! 🙂