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The Blue Bend Team – Wedding Photographers in Asheville, NC, North Carolina

  • Founder / Photographer
  • bought his first darkroom when he was 16 from money he made bagging groceries.

    had a professional level darkroom by the time he graduated high school

    bought his first Mamiya 645 when he was 18 – lots of bagged groceries for that 🙂

    first wedding photo was of his wife – 11 years ago

    first wedding he got paid for was as a second shooter with over 700 guests – 10 years ago

    he has lived and worked as a photographer in Detroit, Germany, Alaska and NC

    he photographed wedding #400 sometime last summer

    he loves cycling, backpacking, reading, film and being a dad of 2 boys.

  • Founder / Photographer
  • Madeleine was born in Germany and started her photography career in Munich, Germany. It was while working as a photographer and studying Art History that Nick and Madeleine met. Their mutual love for photography has fueled an amazing team both professionally and personally. When she doesn’t have a camera in her hand Maddy enjoys sewing, quilting, cycling and hiking and being a mother of 2.
  • Associate Photographer
  • Colby was born in Vermont, though he’s spent most of his life here in the Western region of NC. He picked up his dad’s old Canon 35mm camera to document his adventures with in high school, and his obsession with photography has steadily gained momentum ever since. Colby got his degree in Technical Photography from Appalachian State University and now splits his time between shooting weddings, photographing news and events, and documenting the world around him. Colby also enjoys exploring new places, bike riding, swimming holes, and anything new and interesting. He is a regular contributor for the Asheville Citizen-Times.
  • Associate Photographer
  • Since childhood I have had an insatiable desire to express myself creatively. While growing up in Florida I spent a lot of time skateboarding and taking photos of my friends or the many cultural oddities I found while exploring my suburban area. My interest in photography has always been fed by certain forms of overlooked beauty or mundane details, translated in a way that reminds us to slow down and really look at light, an object, or an expression. Every photograph is capable sharing an experience or conveying feelings. I believe that photographs are precious and should remain timeless. As an observer I’m consistently searching for right moment to share with you, the viewer.