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A Note From Maddy & Nick – Wedding Photographers in Asheville, NC, North Carolina

Congrats on your engagement!
Firstly, we’d like to congratulate you on this exciting time in your life. The next year will fly by with preparations, invitations and anticipation. It seems like just last year that we were planning our wedding. Now, with our 10th anniversary behind us and our 2nd child with us, we are reminded what an amazing time of life it is to be preparing for a wedding! Congrats and ENJOY it!

Relax! We’ve done this before!
We have people ask us all the time if we’re comfortable photographing a wedding at a venue that we haven’t been to before. ABSOLUTELY! Nick has photographed more than 450 weddings in the last 10 years and Maddy is over her 100 wedding mark. We love our job for so many reasons, but more than anything we love getting the opportunity to see so many new places and hang out with people on their happiest day. Weddings have taken us across the globe and to mountains, glaciers, zoos, oceans, piers, boats, airplanes, helicopters, golf courses, fields, rivers, gardens, forests and almost anything else you can imagine. This experience combined with consistently original images is what led Nick to be named one of the top 50 wedding photographers in the country. Our work has been featured in numerous magazines and almost every time, it was our first time at that venue. If any of us is asked to shoot at a venue that we haven’t been to before, we always make sure to go ahead of the wedding and look for the best spots and angles and get information about where things are going to happen.

So… why are we different?
By now I’m sure you’re on your 1,012th wedding photography website and you don’t know anymore who you’ve contacted and what sites you’ve seen already. Believe me, we’ve been there. We believe what sets us apart from others is our ability to capture the emotion and joy of the wedding day without intruding on the events. We have had so many people tell us over the years that they couldn’t believe they’d ended up with so many photos of what was going on – they had no idea we were even taking pictures. This “ninja-style” (as Nick likes to jokingly say), combined with an eye for photojournalism is what allows us to produce so many images with a creative style, but also capture the events taking place.

Where do we go from here?
Everything about our company is about making your life easy. Everything from our booking process to the album design will be as easy for you as possible. We regularly do bookings over the phone and internet. From there it can all be done via email. We have so many clients from outside the Asheville area, that we are very used to providing a complete service over the phone and via email. We have even been known to Skype and FaceTime if you’d like to “meet us” face to face. Of course, if you’re in town you’d like to come by our office in Hendersonville, you’re very welcome – we love to get visitors! If there is anything that we can do for you, please just let us know.