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Frequently Asked Questions – Wedding Photographers in Asheville, NC, North Carolina

What equipment do you use?

We use professional digital SLR cameras, as well as professional film cameras. Because film and digital each have their own advantages, the final print is the most important thing to consider. We choose film or digital based on lighting, colors, movement, time of day, etc. For Digital, Canon cameras and lenses are used and we always bring at least 3 cameras to each wedding with a full complement of professional grade lenses and flashes. For Film, we have a whole array of cameras that we have collected over the past 15 years – everything from Canon EOS cameras to Mamiyas, Contax, Hasselblads, and others.

Where are you located and what areas do you serve?

We call Asheville, North Carolina home. After moving around the world for the past 10 years, we have finally bought a house and set down roots. It feels good actually 🙂 We regularly travel around North America, the Carribean, and Europe for weddings, though. We LOVE traveling to photograph!

Do you charge a travel fee?

We don’t charge a travel fee for weddings that are within a couple hours of Asheville. We only ask for you to pay for the plane ticket and the hotel if you’d like us to go on your adventure with you.

What do your packages generally include?

All packages include high resolution digital files, all the photos posted online for friends and family to view anywhere, and may also include paper proofs and an optional custom Leather Craftsmen album. We also provide a complimentary engagement photo session with most packages.

What is the Leather Album?

The Leather albums are custom wedding albums hand-made in California and New York. We will sit down with you in a personalized design meeting and figure out which layouts, album colors, and style work best. Ultimately, the colors, layout and picture choices are all decided by you, but we will be there to help and make suggestions. There are many sizes and styles to choose from, with most people choosing either a matted album or the latest flush-mount or “coffee-table” designs.

What is your style?

The most natural and unobtrusive way to photograph your wedding is to blend into the day’s events and capture the day as a photojournalist would. We always stay close to the action but remain quiet and respectful. We will not boss your friends and family around or get in the way. One of the greatest compliments we often receive is from clients after they pick up their proofs, amazed that so many unique images were captured without the stress of being ordered around. Time will also be spent with the bride and groom moving around the locations, exploring the most interesting and photogenic landscapes. During this time we will direct the two of you a little to help you achieve the best photos possible.

Do you offer black and white , as well as color?

Yes! Black and white, and color images are both possible. There is no extra charge for any choice of style. Some clients may prefer 100% black and white coverage or 100% color coverage, but most choose a mix of both. Again, this will be decided by you.

Does that mean we own the copyright?

Yes! You own the rights to your images. You are under no obligation to order prints through us, however if you’d like to, the relationships we have setup with professional printing labs will produce better results than traditional consumer labs. Reprint prices have been priced accordingly to allow you to order through us and get professional lab quality and achieve the highest quality possible without spending considerable amounts of money.

Do you photograph formal shots of family and friends?

Yes! Generally right after the ceremony we will take formal group shots of your family, friends and wedding party. We understand the importance of traditional formal portraits of you and your family. Also, throughout the night we will be taking pictures of groups of people as you think of them or we see them happen.