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Asheville Arboretum Wedding Photos – Melanie and Ryan | Wedding Photographers in Asheville, NC, North Carolina

Storyboard001-8Melanie and Ryan said it was going to be a “very musical wedding” and they didn’t disappoint! Ryan and all his friends are musicians and put on quite a show. Ryan even sang a couple songs during the ceremony. It was more like a wedding concert! Really awesome stuff! Besides all the music, they had amazing weather, super fun guests, and, did I mention? tons of great music! There was a band there from Columbia, SC called The Restoration and they really rocked the house. My favorite thing was that the lead singer played a lot of songs with a banjo as a guitar – really cool sound. The Smoochbooth was there as well – which always provides much entertainment and hilarious photos! The Arboretum provided us with tons of great backdrops for our photos and the sun dipped down just in the most perfect time for us to get a bunch of really beautifully lit pics as well. Nicole from Verge was there all day to make sure that everything went off without a hitch. She did an awesome job with the wedding and all the details. There is even a photo of her spraying down the groomsmen with bug spray to take care of the gnats. Now that’s what I call prepared! 🙂