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Asheville Omni Grove Park Inn Wedding | Wedding Photographers in Asheville, NC, North Carolina


Andrea and Gabe came to the Grove Park in Asheville from New Orleans to have a destination wedding in the mountains. But, even though they were in the Asheville mountains, they brought a lot of home with them, making for a very, VERY fun, but also very personal wedding day.

While the girls got ready with Wendy (from Blush) and Amanda (from Hughes) in one of the sweets, the guys and most of the wedding guests rented out the sports bar and watched New Orleans play Carolina. As soon as the game was over everyone headed back to their rooms to get ready for the wedding. While they were doing that we went with Gabe, Andrea and Caroline (from Asheville Event Co.) to go do the first look. They wanted to do all the photos of everyone before the ceremony to free them up to mingle with their friends and family during the cocktail hour. We scheduled plenty of time for photos, got tons of amazing bride & groom pictures, family portraits, as well as wedding party photos.

The wedding ceremony was very sweet. The groom got emotional (always my favorite), they had very personal vows and used friends and family during the ceremony too. After the cocktail hour they did something I’ve never seen: a New Orleans wedding parade. They had a band leading the way playing typical N.O. music, umbrellas, and dancing. The Grove Park was great about helping figure out a way to make all that happen.

Following that everyone headed inside for dinner, cake and dancing. During dancing, they had the Mountain View Terrace open with a bar for people to enjoy cigars, mingle and hang out in the beautiful fall evening. The dance floor was, of course, packed the entire time and everyone had a blast. We left at 11 and the party hadn’t even begun to slow down.

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