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Big News! Blue Bend joins forces with the Obsidian Collective! » Blue Bend Photography

One of the most common questions that we get at Blue Bend is “Do you do wedding videography as well.” Well, we do now! Instead of Blue Bend doing the video, though, we have decided that it would be best to partner up with a company that is truly the best in the area. The Obsidian Collective is based out Asheville as well and has been in business for quite a few years now.

The Obsidian Collective is a creative media production company based in Western North Carolina. Our goal is simple: to bring top-level media production to our clients.

Our team is composed of film and television professionals with over 15 years combined industry experience working on major market projects from New York to LA.

From film and television to commercial advertising and promotional video, our members’ combined work falls across a range of media production. In addition to a growing body of regional commercial and promotional media, the company’s recent work has included the feature film “Sol” (now being distributed internationally) as well as music videos, multinational corporation industrials, and company re-branding campaigns.

Obsidian Collective is focused on creating the highest quality content
to meet the needs of each business.

We look forward to being able to deliver an extraordinary product to our customers. One of our favorite things that we look forward to delivering along with a full length wedding video is a short (2-3 minute) “preview” video with both video and photos more in the style of a MTV video. We’re confident that with Blue Bend’s photos and Obsidian’s video and editing that we will deliver something that no one else around is offering!