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Swag Inn Wedding Photos – Kimberly & Will » Blue Bend Photography


I know that I say this a lot, but this weekend was amazing. The wedding at the Swag Inn this weekend with Kimberly and Will is definitely in my top 10. In the car on the way up the mountain from Asheville it was pouring rain – coming down in buckets. I was a bit down, to be honest, because I could tell that we were headed somewhere with an amazing view and we were going to be stuck in the clouds. 20 minutes after arriving, not only had it quit raining, but the clouds had completely gone! It had gone from gray and rain to blue and beautiful!

We were at 5100′ above sea level and had a spectacular view. As you can see below it felt like you could see all the way to Asheville. The whole wedding party consisted of the Bride and Groom and their parents. That was it. It was incredibly relaxed and intimate. We spent about 2 hours just walking around the grounds, soaking up the weather and taking photos. The photos are definitely some of my favorites that we’ve ever gotten.

If you are in the Asheville area, I can’t recommend this place enough. Within minutes of arriving we felt like we were on vacation. The whole atmosphere of the place is relaxing and puts you at ease. There are so many details I can’t begin to list them all. They even have your name on a walking stick for you to use while at the Inn. From Asheville it’s only about an hour to the Inn. They have amazing food, rooms and grounds. They do brunch on Sundays, picnics, bbqs and evening dining. Thank you, Kimberly and Will, for having us share a gorgeous day with you. -Nick and Maddy