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Camp Green Cove Wedding Photos – Asheville Wedding Photographers

I had the pleasure to meet Maddie and Frank at Camp Green Cove on Saturday to shoot their wedding. I started out with taking getting ready pictures of Maddie and her bridesmaids. Maddie’s dress was stunning and I had never seen anything like it before. That’s because her mom made the dress for her. What an amazing talent. The whole wedding was very pretty and a lot of thought went into the decorations. The little paper flowers were all made out of recycled paper and a family friend helped out with the candy and cake bar. I love weddings with a homemade touch. It makes the whole day so unique. The ceremony site was really cool and I was able to move around as I please to get the goods. At the end of the day, when the sun set and the stars came out, everybody went down to the little peninsula to light floating paper lanterns. It was stunning. Congratulations to Maddie and Frank and I am sure they will have plenty of fun in Rio de Janeiro (their parents surprised them with a honeymoon to Rio).