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Jessica & Jerry's Wedding – Claxton Farm – Weaverville, NC – Blue Bend Photography

Jessica and Jerry were an amazingly humble, laid back couple; which made photographing them both a great time and a breeze.  Observing their relaxed, caring demeanor towards each other and towards everyone else around them, it’s easy to see why they are perfect for each other.  Add to that a beautiful day at one of my favorite venues in WNC, and you’ve got a spectacular wedding day! Both families were awesome to be around, with lots of laughing, emotional and touching speeches, and well above-average dancing.

The rain held off for us the entire day as well, with just enough cloud cover and a gentle breeze to keep everyone cool.

Claxton Farm is a great venue, close enough to Asheville to make it easy and accessible, yet tucked away in the mountains enough so that you can forget you’re close to the city at all.  Sweeping mountain views outside and a rustic, comfortable feel inside make it a great venue.  All in all, a great day.  -Colby